History of RusAero

Founded in 1994

September 1994

The company's specialization was defined as a provision of services for international flights arrangement to the airlines of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries.


Formation of the company in the market of air transportation. Development of modern technologies for flight servicing.

December 1995

Creation of information-analytical agency "RusAero-Info".


Realization of "RusAero-Info" and the Russian Association of Air Transport Operators joint project on the publication of the specialized bulletin "Aviation market: information, news, comments".

Entry into international aviation organizations.

February 1996

Stage of structural transformation. Establishment of the Open Joint Stock Company "Center for Civil Aviation Services" RusAero".

September 1996

The Air Communications Agency "RusAero" was created.


Registration in the International Civil Aviation Organization as an operator company. Joining the prestigious National Business Aviation Association and the European Business Aviation Association as the first participation in this kind of exhibitions.

Creation of a new division "RusAero-Travel", specializing in the provision of tourist services.

March 1997

The implementation of the new RusAero-Info project jointly with the Department for Maintaining the Airworthiness of Civil Aircraft and Technical Development of Civil Aviation of the Transport Ministry of the Russian Federation, which resulted in the first publication of the official magazine "Engineering Aviation Bulletin" after three months of its actual creation.


Creation of a department for servicing corporate and business aviation clients. Later on, it was developed into a specialized center, which organization became one of the main types of business for RusAero.


"RusAero" had primacy in obtaining all necessary licenses for the implementation of activities for the organizational support of aircraft operations after the enactment of the Federal Aviation Regulations "Certification requirements for organizations engaged in the organizational support of aircraft operations."

Opening of a new company office selling air travel and tourist services on Vernadsky Prospekt. In March of the same year, the first order for air tickets via the Internet had been already accepted.


RusAerocompany received a certificate from British Airways 'Top Selling Agency'.


RusAero-Travelreceived a 'Gold certificate for the tourist product retail sale of the operator company Tez-Tour.


Becoming the laureate of the Best in Moscowprize of Moscow Consumer Rights Protection Fund.

March 2006

Launch of the bonus program of RusAero - Travel +. The membership card can be obtained free of charge in any office of the company or on the website www.rusaero.ru.

September 2006

Establishment of RusJet Airlines jointly with Vipport and Vnukovo International Airport.

April 2007

The start of the project implementation for investing in the tourism industry of Bulgaria by RusAero company group.


The creation of the Bulgarian division of RusAero. At the moment it is a major travel operator, serving more than 500, both their own and othersapartments, providing a full range of tourist services in Bulgaria.

The beginning of active expansion into regional airports of Russia by the advertising company AMS, initially formed in Moscow. In 2008, work was established at the airports of Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Sochi, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, and Chita.

April 2009

AMS has expanded its presence in regional airports in Russia. A new terminal of the international airport in Irkutsk was added to the network. For the first time in the history of Russian regional airports, an agreement was signed to create branded smoking rooms on the airport territory for Japan Tobacco International, which previously implemented similar projects only in the largest international airports in the world.

June 2009

AMS won a tender to manage advertising activities at the international airport in Sochi, both in the existing and in the new terminal, distinguished to become the gateway to 2014 Olympics. Thus, AMS became an exclusive advertising partner of the managing aviation holding BasEl Aero.

November 2009

At the end of the year, the travel company RusAero was recognized as the leader in ticket sales in Business Travel segment among Moscow agencies. A silver medal was also received on the basis of cooperative results with the company "Southern Cross".

December 2009

Travel company RusAerowas awarded Best-2009 diploma as part of the annual Coral Travel Starway Tourism Awards. Further, the company got diplomas of Natalie Tours for active cooperation.

AMS Groupcompany has signed a number of long-term contracts for managing the advertising activities of international airports in Samara, Chelyabinsk, Surgut, bringing the network of partner airports to 14.

March 2010

The participation of companies "Center for Civil Aviation Services RusAero" and "VIPPORT" in the fifteenth anniversary EBACE business aviation exhibition hold in Geneva.

June 2010

Participation of companies "AMS Group" and "CCAS RusAero" in the preparation and servicing flights of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2010 guests.

September 2010

The company "VIPPORT" participates in the fifth exhibition JetExpo, held in the exhibition complex "Crocus Expo".

November 2010

The company "СCAS RusAeroopens a representative office in Yekaterinburg.

The company "AMS Group" was chosen as the long-term exclusive partner for the placement of advertising on the territory of Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk, bringing the list of partner airports to 16.

December 2010

Travel Company RusAero" was awarded in the nomination "The Leader in sale of air tickets in the BUSINESS TRAVEL segment", and also was awarded "Tez-Tour Garant" diploma.

January 2011

The representative office of "CCAS "RusAero" in Samara was opened.
"AMS Group" has become an exclusive operator for managing video advertising, as well as an operator for placing "indoor" advertising on the territory of Domodedovo airport.

February 2011

Travel Company RusAero" was awarded a diploma from PAC GROUP in the "Best Partner" nomination.

March 2011

RusJet became the winner of the national award Wings of Russia 2010 in "Airline of the Year - Business Aviation Operator" nomination. The airline has confirmed its right to be called the best airline of business aviation in Russia.

In the same month, an official office of CCAS "RusAero" in Novosibirsk was opened.

The company "VIPPORT" took part in the exhibition Business Airport World Expo 2011, held in Farnborough, London.

May 2011

The company CCAS "RusAero" took part in the next annual European exhibition of business aviation - EBACE 2011 in Geneva.

June 2011

The company CCAS "RusAero" served flights of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2011 guests.

The company "AMS Group" was chosen as the long-term exclusive partner for placing advertising on the territory of "Khrabrovo" airport in Kaliningrad, bringing the list of partner airports to 17.

August 2011

The company CCAS "RusAero" and "Autoshuttle" serviced guests of the International Aviation Space Salon (MAKS 2011).

September 2011

The company CCAS "RusAero" became the general sponsor of JetExpo 2011.

"VIPPORT" took part in the next, sixth in a row, Russian exhibition of business aviation JetExpo 2011, which would be held for the first time on the territory of Business Aviation Center in Vnukovo-3.

May 2013

The company "VIPPORT" together with the group of companies Vnukovo-3 took part in the annual EBACE exhibition from May 2st to 23rd in Geneva.

September 2013

VTS Jets signed a general agreement with Dassault Aviation.

May 2014

Traditionally, Vnukovo-3 group of companies took part in the annual business aviation exhibition EBACE 2014.

September 2014

The ninth international exhibition of business aviation Jet Expo 2014 was held on the territory of the Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation Center from the 4th till the 6th of September, 2014.

April 2015

The delegation of Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation Center together with the company VIPPORTand RusAerotook part in the annual exhibition ABACE-2015, which was held in Shanghai in mid-April.

May 2015

At the time of preparation days for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory celebration, the company VIPPORTtook an active part, striving to provide flights at the highest servicing level to the arriving delegations of world leaders.

September 2015

Vnukovo-3 hosted the 10th Jubilee Exhibition of Business Aviation Jet Expo 2015.

May 2016

Vnukovo-3 group of companies took part in one of the key events of the industry European Business Aviation Exhibition, EBACE 2016.

May 2017

Traditional participation in EBACE 2017 which was held in Geneva.

Due to the specific nature of its activities, the company always remains at the very center of the political and public life of the country. Importantly to highlight that most of the flights which require special arrangement and a unique professional approach arriving to Russian airports are provided by RusAero.

Currently, the company RusAeroprovides services to 370 domestic and foreign airlines, organizing ground handling in 170 airports, among which 127 are based in Russia.